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Stop the Clock App

Stop the Clock - A fun way to learn telling the time!

With six levels of difficulty, Stop the Clock will aid the teaching and learning of time for those aged 5 to 11+.
Based on our popular game, we have completely redesigned and enhanced this activity, combined six games into one and added high score tables!

Stop the Clock Stop the Clock Stop the Clock

Teaching Time Download Contents:

Whole Class Clock

Whole Class Clock

The Whole Class Clock allows teachers to set any time and transfer between analogue and digital displays. The teacher also has complete control of the movement of the hands and can therefore pose questions such as 'What will the time be in....?'

Maths Pack

Stop the Clock

Stop the Clock

Five interactive games to support the year objectives set out in the Primary Strategy. Players must drag the digital displays to the matching analogue clock. All against the clock of course!

Maths Pack

Bang on Time

Bang on Time

Read the time in words then stop the hands in the correct position.

Maths Pack


Maths Pack

Analogue to Digital

Analogue to Digital Worksheets

Create millions of worksheets, a different one for each member of class perhaps!
Write the digital time for the shown analogue clock.

Maths Pack

Digital to Analogue

Digital to Analogue Worksheets

The digital time is given, draw the hands on the analogue clock.

Maths Pack

What time is it?

What time is it?

Write the analogue time in words.

Maths Pack

Flash Cards

Telling Time Flash Cards

Create A4 Flash Cards of the times you wish.

Maths Pack

Time Savers

Teaching Time Savers

A4 pages of blank analogue and digital clocks.

Maths Pack

Clock Template

Clock Template

Large blank analogue and digital print.

Maths Pack

Worksheet Games

Teaching Time Worksheet Game

A worksheet game for two players. Detailed instructions are included on the worksheet.

Maths Pack

TV Guide

TV Guide - Telling the Time

A TV guide template for pupils to draw the start and finish times of their favourite TV programmes on. The worksheet also requires pupils to work out how long they were on for.

Telling the Time App available across all stores!

iR Telling Time provides an intuitive and engaging way for children to learn to read the time. Different levels provide the opportunity to:

- set an analogue clock to the given time in words, including 'half past' and 'quarter to/past'.
- set an analogue clock to the given 24 hour time.
- choose either 5 or 1 minute intervals

Telling the Time Telling the Time Telling the Time

Teaching Measures - 70% off Home User Download!

Teaching Measures - Teaching Tools, Games and Worksheets for Mass, Capacity and Length.

Teaching Measures Download

Teaching Tables - 70% off Home User Download!

Teaching Tables - Learning times tables can be fun!
Climb Table Mountain, play Multiplication Bingo, or try and beat the Time Table.

Teaching Tables Download

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